Christmas Star

After all that has happened in 2020, the year will end with a beautiful, bright, star-like celestial event in the western twilight – a much-needed “candle in the dark”.  This rare event called a conjunction will bring two bright planets, Jupiter and Saturn, very close together in the sky.  Normally widely separated, on occasion they … Read more

Another “Do Not Miss” Presentation . . .

Do not miss Bernie Taylor as he mixes modern astronomy and it’s relations to 34,000 year old ancients of the Mediterranean region. Naturalist and author Bernie Taylor presents an origin of modern astronomy in European Paleolithic caves from 34,000 years ago that connects with global myths of hunter-gatherers and the ancients in the Mediterranean region. … Read more

11/7 Stephanie Barth Presents: Spacefest IX: My Summer Vacation

Spacefest is THE celebration of space for enthusiasts of every type! Our very own Stephanie Barth spent her summer vacation at Spacefest, and will take us there as she describes the first-hand stories from Apollo astronauts and flight controllers: –The wives and daughters of Gene Cernan and Alan Bean –The upcoming movie, “Searching for Skylab” … Read more