11/7 Stephanie Barth Presents: Spacefest IX: My Summer Vacation

Spacefest is THE celebration of space for enthusiasts of every type! Our very own Stephanie Barth spent her summer vacation at Spacefest, and will take us there as she describes the first-hand stories from Apollo astronauts and flight controllers: –The wives and daughters of Gene Cernan and Alan Bean –The upcoming movie, “Searching for Skylab” … Read more

10/3 Presentation: Growing Up With The Astronauts

Join us October 3rd as James Loftus presents: Growing Up With The Astronauts Speaker: James Loftus,¬†director of the JPLMuseum* in Stayton, OR James¬† will bring a few NASA artifacts from his father’s collection: a plug extracted from the Apollo 11 command module heat shield and a hyper-velocity impact demonstration piece. He will discuss our museum’s … Read more

June 6th Presentation: Astronomical Sketching

Astronomical Sketching Our Speaker: Howard Banich “Sketching at the eyepiece is a time-honored means of disciplining the observer’s vision to see all that’s detecatable on a given night” Howard Banich made his first astronomical sketch in 1973. He will describe his process from the first rough sketches to the smoothly finished drawings published in Sky … Read more